This week’s Friday sermon from UAE

Positivity key to solving life’s problems

Adopting a positive attitude helps solve problems and is what Islam has called for in many occasions, worshippers will hear on Friday.

“Difficulties are part of the human life and one may face hard times during his life term,” the sermon says.

It quotes a verse from the Quran that says: “We have certainly created man into hardship”, meaning that mankind must struggle.

“However, a person who thinks positively and works hard would definitely look into the bright side of life and, thus, have wider horizons of hope,” the sermon says.

Prophet Mohammed instructed people to have ultimate positivity, even if it were the end of time. As he said in a hadith: “If the Final Hour comes while you have a palm-cutting in your hands and it is possible to plant it before the Hour comes, you should plant it.”

The Prophet was teaching optimism to allow communities to prosper.

“This can be achieved by ignoring discouraging words of those who try to stop others from doing any good deeds.”

Prophet Mohammed disapproved of those who spread negative feelings among others. “When a man says people have perished, he is the one who has suffered that fate most,” he said in another hadith.

The sermon advises people to be optimistic about themselves: “Optimists strive to better themselves and embrace the best of qualities.”

It cites the example of Imam Al Tirmidhi: “Although he was blind, he could overcome his disability through his positive character. Ultimately, he became one of the most prominent scholars in interpreting and memorising hadiths.

“We should also strengthen our social relationships in a constructive manner … to adopt leniency when dealing with them [others],” the sermon concludes.

“It is also conducive to strengthen our stamina, lead us towards excellence, and opens for us the doorway for a better future.”