For the past few weeks, we have started to do I’raab- grammatical analysis of verses from the Qur’an where Ustadh Adam would pick a passage from the Qur’an, highlight words or fragments and we would have to recognize the role that they played and break the ayaat down based on everything that we had learned so far. When we starting doing these exercises, it would take Ustadh some time to pick out what to highlight because we were barely starting to piece things together so in the span of a page of the Qur’an, there would be a handful of highlighted words. Just the other day, though, we were doing another practice set before our exam and I looked up at the screen and almost the whole page was highlighted in yellow and I was just stunned. It was like slowly starting to see some of the fruits of your efforts before your eyes and the feeling was incredible.

The journey here has not been totally smooth sailing. There are some weeks that were smooth, everything seemed to click and make sense but there have also been others week where it seems as if no matter how I tried, there were still slip ups here and there. There have been a lot of tears, a lot of nights before the exam where I wonder if I am even cut for this, moments of doubt, moments of disappointment at my own self but looking up at the screen full of so much yellow, there was a feeling of happiness and gratitude that filled me. I may still struggle and fall short many times and make mistakes but from Day 1 to now, step by step, I am progressing more than I have ever progressed in my entire life before this program, Alhamdulillah. Slowly, Allah is opening more and more of His Book for me. Slowly but surely, my mushaf is becoming more familiar, more recognizable and just that is worth every tear, every moment of exhaustion, and every second of effort. Because if there’s one thing that worth struggling a lifetime for- it’s this Book. It’s the Qur’an. It’s our Master’s words that are the key to our success in this world and our ultimate success in the Next.

May Allah keep us students of His Book as long as we are alive and help us unlock its treasures and raise us on the Day of Judgment as the People of the Qur’an, Ameen.